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Setup docker and docker-compose for quick full stack mainsail development with simulavr without any real printer


Install docker and docker-compose on your desired machine.


sudo apt install docker docker-compose




  1. Look into the docker/config folder. Copy the “.example” without the “example ending”.
  2. Edit the configs to your likings. They are inital setup for a minimal setup environment with simulavr.
  3. In the root directory of mainsail run
    docker/run up



docker/run ps                 # showing running containers
docker/run restart <api/npm>  # restarting container
                              # api: restarting complete api container with simulavr/moonraker/klipper services,
                              # npm: restarting nodejs container with running 'npm run serve' 
docker/run bash <api/npm>     # spawning bash shell inside container

Restarting the api container will happen a lot, because simulavr WILL crash a lot! Timings within simulavr are not precise and klipper will bug alot about that.


  1. The current implementation of simulavr/moonraker/klipper is kinda naiv, because docker wont run with systemd. I will fix that in later versions of the docker container, so you can restart specific containers and omit simulavr and bind a real connected printer for example.