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Setup the project and start developing with your local printer(s)


Make a copy of the .env.development.local.example and omit the .example. In the new file edit it to reflect your desired printer:

#for your printer with moonraker running on

In moonraker you need to add your local ip at the cors_domains:

    http://<your local ip>:<local port>

access the local running dev environment with http://<your local ip>:<local port>. (for example: http://localhost:8080)

Prepare nodejs using nvm

POSIX-compliant shell (sh, dash, ksh, zsh, bash) unix, macOS, and windows WSL

wget -qO- | bash
nvm install node

make sure you run node >=15.9.0

node -v


follow this guide if you encouter problems with nvm


npm install   # only once and if you updated/installed packages
npm run serve # starting current build with hot module reloading