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Logos and Icons

Replace the default logos and icons with your own.

You can use the built in file manager in Settings > Machine to upload your own logos and icons. Customizing your icons can help identify your printers.

Upload a logo into your .theme folder and name it sidebar-logo.<extension>, where extension is one of the valid file types below.

For more information on creating and uploading to your .theme folder, please refer to the Customizing your theme chapter.

Filename sidebar-logo
Valid file extensions .svg, .jpg, .png and .gif
Recommended image size XxY px



Upload favicons into your .theme folder and name them favicon-32x32.png (required) and favicon-16x16.png (optional).

Filename favicon-32x32 (required)
  favicon-16x16 (optional)
Valid file extensions .png
Recommended image size 32x32px, 16x16px

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