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cd ~/moonraker
git pull

Restart Moonraker (sudo service moonraker restart) and open the url http://<printer-ip>:7125/printer/info in your browser.

If you see a content like this

{"result": {"hostname": "voron250", "error_detected": false, "version": "v0.8.0-643-g528f9f25", "is_ready": true, "message": "Printer is ready", "cpu": "4 core ARMv7 Processor rev 4 (v7l)"}}

Add Moonraker update manager

To use the update manager in Mainsail you have to add this in your moonraker.conf:


[update_manager client mainsail]
type: web
repo: meteyou/mainsail
path: ~/mainsail

Change Moonraker to systemd service (December 6th 2020)

Moonraker is now installed as a systemd service. If moonraker.conf is not located in the home directory, the command will looks something like the following:

~/moonraker/scripts/ -f -c /home/pi/klipper_config/moonraker.conf

This allows logging to stdout which can be viewed with the journalctl -u moonraker command.

Update Moonraker dependence

This is only nessasary, if you see missing modules in the moonraker log.

~/moonraker/scripts/ -r

Moonraker config changes

If you have issues after update your Moonraker instance, you can check config changes here.

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