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Place some background images to give Mainsail its own look with ease.

There are two background images that can be used in Mainsail. The first is in the sidebar and the second is in the main section.


You can upload a new background image using the file manager located in Settings > Machine.

Load the background image into your .theme folder and name it sidebar-background.<extension>.

Filename sidebar-background
Valid file extensions .jpg, .png, .gif and .svg
Recommended image size 300x1000px

Main background image

Upload a background image into your .theme folder and name it main-background.<extension>.

Filename main-background
Valid file extensions .jpg, .png, .gif and .svg

Please note: The background image is stretched to cover the entire area by default. For example, if you want a repeating pattern, you will also need to use custom CSS to style it correctly.