Go to the settings and select the UI-Settings category.

Change the color of the Mainsail logo in the top left and in the browser tab.


Change the color of all primary elements (like buttons and other style elements)

G-Code thumbnails

This is just a link to the G-Code thumbnail page in the docs.

Large thumbnail

Here you can switch between the big thumbnail in the status panel while printing and only a small icon as a thumbnail.

Show Webcam in navigation

Switch on/off the Webcam navigation point.


Shows the CANCEL_PRINT button permanently - no second layer confirmation needed.

Lock sliders on touchscreen devices

Sliders on touchscreens need to be unlocked before changes are allowed.

Slider lock delay

Sliders will lock after a given delay. If set to 0 or left blank, sliders will only lock on page change/reload.

Require confirm on Emergency Stop

Show a confirmation dialog when you click on the Emergency Stop button.

Require confirm on Device Power changes

Show a confirmation dialog on Device Power changes

Switch between two styles of the navigation bar. Default Icons + Text will display an icon and the text/name of this navi point. Icons only show only the icon and need much less space in the sidebar.

Hide Upload and Print Button

Show or hide the "Upload and Print" button in the top bar.

Printer power device

Select which Moonraker power device should be used to power on the printer.

Hide SAVE_CONFIG button for bed_mesh changes

Hide SAVE_CONFIG, if only bed_mesh changes are pending to be saved in Klipper.

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