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GitHub Discussions is our second official communication platform. If you don't have a Discord account, this area is free for you to use.

Rules for the Discussions area

For the use of the Github Discussions area, we have a few rules. Please follow them:

Is your issue part of the Mainsail universe?

We (Mainsail-Crew) provide a range of software which we support. We can also provide support for related software. Here is an overview of all software programs from the Mainsail-Crew:

We can also provide support for the following software:

All other questions regarding third-party programs and third-party macros should be asked at the repo of the project and might get ignored.

Upload logs and give as much information as possible

Always upload logs and/or pictures of the corresponding software and/or problem. Give detailed informations on when this problem occured and maybe what you already tried to fix it. There is nothing like too much information.

Have patience and always be polite

Everyone supporting, it doesn't matter if part of the crew or one of the community, are doing this in their free time and doesn't get paid for it. So try to be always polite and have patience. Make sure that you follow everything you are being asked for.

Don't ask in multiple places at the same time. Getting help on multiple ends for the same problem will make it more difficult and time consuming for everyone.

Open your post and get your issue resolved

If you read through all of this, you should be ready to start your first post in the GitHub Discussions area in the Help channel. If your issue is resolved, please close the post again.

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