You will need to choose which way you want to install Mainsail.

Local installation


recommended for Raspberry Pi users
MainsailOS is a prebuilt image for single board computers that already includes Mainsail, Moonraker and Klipper. The least amount of setup.

KIAUH - Klipper Installation And Update Helper

A script toolbox to install and update Klipper, Moonraker and Mainsail. KIAUH contains additional features and is recommended for multi-printer setups.


For those who prefer the containerized approach, Docker runs Mainsail in an isolated Docker environment with our pre-built NGINX-based image.

Manual setup

The rocky road for the daring. For those who want to know how everything is set up manually.


You can test and review a hosted version of Mainsail at Please read the documentation for usage and configuration.