If you're using the Moonraker Connection plugin for Cura, you can skip these steps. This plugin includes a feature for the generation of thumbnails.

You have to add a Post Processing Script to add "G-code thumbnails" in Cura. To add these scripts, click on Extensions > Post Processing > Modify Gcode. Then click on Add a script, choose Create Thumbnail and fill in the size 32x32. Add again the same script with the size 400x400.

It is important for this size to be a square, with equal size on both length and width. If you don't use a square resolution, Cura will squeeze the thumbnail.

Direct G-code upload

Install the Moonraker Connection plugin by Emtrax using the Ultimaker Marketplace.

Next, configure the plugin's parameters in Cura:

  1. Navigate to Settings > Printer > Manage Printers

  2. Select the printer profile you wish to connect to Moonraker

  3. Click Connect Moonraker.

  4. Configure the fields as appropriate for your printer. The most important ones are listed below.

  • Connection > Address (URL): The address you've been using to access Mainsail, prefixed by http://. e.g. http://myprinter.local/

  • Monitor > Camera > URL The address of the camera stream on the network, prefixed by http://. e.g. http://myprinter.local/webcam/stream

Moonraker Connection configuration window in Cura
Moonraker Connection configuration window in Cura

Best practise G-codes

In Cura, there is a straightforward solution to add custom G-codes. Pedro Lamas has developed an excellent post-processing script for including the necessary custom G-codes.

Follow the guide here to use this script:

If you think Pedro's script is excellent, feel free and pay Pedro a coffee:

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