Deprecated Values

Removal of NTC 100K beta 3950 sensor type.

The “NTC 100K beta 3950” temperature sensor is deprecated and will be removed in the near future.

In order to solve the problem search in your config for sensor_type: NTC 100K beta 3950 and replace it with sensor_type: Generic 3950.

Most users will find the “Generic 3950” temperature sensor more accurate. Anyway you can continue to use the older (typically less accurate) definition. Therefor define a custom thermistor with temperature1: 25, resistance1: 100000, and beta: 3950.

Source Klipper Configuration Changes

Removal of rpi_temperature sensor alias.

Replace sensor_type: rpi_temperature by sensor_type: temperature_host everywhere in your config.

The above description was provided by our community member FHeilmann and we have his permission to publish it here. Thanks a lot! Source

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