We are glad to help and chat with you on our Community Discord, but if you need help and want the best support possible you should, follow a few simple rules:

We cannot help with everything

We are trying our best to support everyone to satisfaction but we are just humans too. We cannot know everything and make mistakes sometimes. So if you don't get a response we most likely don't know the answer or sometimes just didn't see your post.


Subject of the issue

Is your issue connected to some part of the Mainsail universe or from a third-party. As already explained before, we cannot know everything. The main focus of the support is for following programs:

There are also support channels for some third-party programs:

All other questions regarding third-party programs and third-party macros should be asked at the repo of the project and might get ignored.

Chat is not a help channel

The chat area of the Mainsail Discord should be used only for chatting. If you need help with a topic open a post inside the support-forum. Don't hesitate to open a post even for small problems.

Good post name and the correct tag

Choosing a good name for your post and only the correct tag, will make it easier for others to know what your issue is about. Choosing the correct tag might be difficult so here is an explanation for them:

  • Mainsail: Mainsail is just a website running inside your browser. So everything regarding the web interface should use this tag.

  • Klipper: This is most times the correct tag for problems regarding your printer. Klipper is the firmware that your printer uses. If you see errors on your Webinterface, then it's most likely a problem with Klipper and therefore your printer.cfg

  • Moonraker: Moonraker is forwarding the errors and messages from Klipper that you can see them inside Mainsail. It also manages updates of all the software and is doing the authorization.

  • Linux: Linux is the underlying OS for your Raspberry Pi. You can compare it to Windows or MacOS. This tag should be used if you got general Linux questions or issues, errors via SSH or similar topics.

  • MainsailOS: MainsailOS is based on Raspberry Pi OS Lite. You can compare it to an base image installation that got installed all software parts (Klipper, Moonraker, Mainsail...) with a tool like KIAUH, some patches pre applied and some recommended or often used settings already set. This tag should only be used for issues coming directly from MainsailOS or questions about the image.

  • Webcam: This tag should be chosen for all issues and questions about webcams and Crowsnest

  • Timelapse: This tag is for all issues about setting up Moonraker-Timelapse or questions about the settings

Choose only one tag best suited for your problem!

Configuration problems or errors from your printer doesn't have anything to do with Mainsail. Mainsail is just the messenger showing you that problem. Don't shoot the messenger!

Provide information

Always upload logs and/or pictures of the corresponding software and/or problem. Give detailed informations on when this problem occured and maybe what you already tried to fix it. There is nothing like too much information.

Have patience and always be polite

Everyone supporting, it doesn't matter if part of the crew or one of the community, are doing this in their free time and doesn't get paid for it. So try to be always polite and have patience. Make sure that you follow everything you are being asked for.

Don't ask in multiple places at the same time. Getting help on multiple ends for the same problem will make it more difficult and time consuming for everyone.

Open your post

If you read through all of this, you should be ready to join our Discord and open a post for your issue inside the support-forum. If your issue is resolved, please close the post again. More information for this can be found inside the readme channel.

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