Thumbnail (since v2.2.54.0)

In "Expert" mode PrusaSlicer has an option in the "Printer Settings" tab to activate previews. Under General / Firmware, enter 32x32,400x300 as "G-code thumbnails".

Enable the Label objects setting in your slicer

In PrusaSlicer or SuperSlicer you have to enable the checkbox in:

Print Settings > Output options > Output file > Label objects

Direct G-code upload

Enable advanced or expert mode and change the options under Printer Settings / General as shown in the screenshot below. A “Physical Printer” must be configured in Printer Settings / General.

Best practise G-codes

These custom G-codes are necessary to get the best user experience.

Layer Count

To have Slicer layer counts in Mainsail, you have to add these two G-codes in your custom G-codes in PrusaSlicer:

Start G-code (before your start G-code):


After layer change G-code:


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