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Welcome to Mainsail!

Mainsail aims to make Klipper more accessible to end users through a lightweight, responsive web ui, centred around an intuitive and consistent design philsophy.

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  • Optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile devices
  • Supports multiple 3D printers (Printer Farm)
  • Localization (i18n)
  • File Manager (gcode and config files)
  • File Editor (gcode and config files)
  • Print History / Stats
  • Temperature Presets (with custom gcode)
  • Bed Mesh Leveling
  • Multi-Webcam support
  • Control power devices (relays, TPLink, Tasmota, ..)
  • Customizable UI (logos, backgrounds & even custom css)

Get support & assistance

Do you need help or just want to talk? Join us on discord. We have a very active community.
Have you found a bug? Then we would like you to create an Issue on GitHub.

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Support this project

The project is primarily developed and maintained by meteyou. To keep the project going he invests his free time, almost every day. To motivate him (β˜•πŸΊπŸ˜œ) there are several ways to support the project.

However, we would also like to ask you to support the regular contributors.