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Exclude Objects

Exclude individual objects while a print is in progress.

This feature was integrated in Klipper v0.10.0-438, Moonraker v0.7.1-445 and Mainsail v2.1.0.
Please check your installed versions first and update them if necessary.

In order to use the feature, your slicer must be configured to name the individual objects in the G-Code. The G-Code must be preprocessed either by a post-processing script in the slicer or by Moonraker plus the functionality must be enabled in Klipper.

Enable the Label objects setting in your slicer

In PrusaSlicer or SuperSlicer you have to enable the checkbox in:

Print Settings > Output options > Output file > Label objects

Exclude Objects - PrusaSclier

Cura & Ideamaker label objects by default in the G-Code, and they are automatically compatible without any further settings.

Enable the G-Code preprocessor in Moonraker

This step is necessary to convert the previously activated object labels into valid Klipper G-Code. Open your moonraker.conf in Mainsail and add the following setting to your config:

enable_object_processing: True

Alternatively it is possible to use an external preprocessor. See preprocess-cancellation for more details.

Only G-Code files prepared this way support excluding objects.

Enable exclude_object module in Klipper

Open your printer.cfg in Mainsail and add the following setting to it:


For more information about the exclude_object module in Klipper see: exclude_object

From now on all newly uploaded G-Codes should support this function and a new button in form of a dotted square with an x in the center appears in the status panel.

Exclude Objects\

The button will open a dialog in which you can select each individual object and exclude it from the currently ongoing print.

Exclude Objects

Please note that only G-Code files that have been prepared accordingly support the feature, it will not work with old, unprocessed files.