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Klipper setup

Please read and follow the Klipper documentation in order to setup your machine.

You do not need to follow instructions pertaining to OctoPi or OctoPrint found in the Klipper documentation.

Klipper is a highly versatile piece of software and can run with almost any machine. Due to the plethora of stock and custom hardware options available, it is impossible to ship MainsailOS / Klipper with a default configuration that would work for everyone.

Modifying/constructing printer.cfg

You must enter parts of this configuration manually, as it is specific to your printer and MCU hardware

To customise your printer.cfg you will need to SSH to your Pi and:

cd ~/klipper_config
nano printer.cfg

Then follow the Klipper documentation to construct your printer.cfg file.

Before progressing to the next step, ensure that you have:

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