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Operating System

Manual Setup: tips and recommendations for the OS.

Do not use an OctoPi image as it can cause unforeseen (avoidable) problems.

Don’t forget to enable SSH and configure a network if using Wi-Fi.

It is recommended to use a clean Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit Lite image.

We recommend you follow the Raspberry Pi OS official documentation to flash and install the operating system to your SD card.

Once you have finished the installation and are connected via SSH, you can continue.


Install the required packages and update the system:

sudo apt update --allow-releaseinfo-change && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install git dfu-util unzip

Verify that your distribution’s Python 3 package(s) are version 3.7 or newer.

Moonraker requires Python 3.7 and will not operate without it.

You can check the current Python version installed to your operating system with the following terminal command:

python3 --version

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