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Operating System

Manual Setup: tips and recommendations for the OS.

Please don’t use an OctoPi image!
It can cause unforeseeable events, like rips in the space-time continuum. So be aware!
No seriously. Experiences have shown that it is advisable not to use an OctoPi image (especially for beginners).

It is recommended to use a clean Raspberry Pi OS 32-bit Lite image (previously called Raspbian). You can download it here.
For more information about installing Raspberry Pi OS click here. Don’t forget to enable ssh.

Once you have finished the installation and are connected via ssh, you can continue.


sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
sudo apt install git dfu-util unzip

Moonraker requires Python 3.7 or greater, verify that your distribution’s Python 3 packages meet this requirement.

python3 --version

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