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Data Privacy

We understand the need for data privacy and have designed Mainsail to operate in your browser’s cache locally.

The following table applies to Mainsail when installed locallaly, or accessed via

Store static files in browser storage (.html, .js, .css) ‘Phone home’
Communicate directly with your printer via the Moonraker API Send/transfer any data externally

Will my data be safe if I use the hosted version?

Accessing stores the .html, .js and .css files for Mainsail locally in the brower’s storage in exactly the same way that an instance running on your local hardware would do. In reality, there is no functional difference (or concern) between accessing Mainsail from a privately or publicly hosted instance.

Parallel operation is also possible.

Third party software

We do not modify third party packages or software, nor control their attitude to Data Privacy.

If you are concerned, please consider the privacy policies (or contacting the developer) of:

It is worth noting that Klipper, Moonraker and RaspberryOS are open source software and ( whilst this brings no guarantee of privacy and security) the source is available and open to peer review.

The Raspberry Foundation is a registered charity in the United Kingdom, with extensive Privacy and Safeguarding policies.