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Mainsail uses vue-i18n for its localization. All Locales can be found in the /src/locales directory in JSON format.

How to contribute

You can contribute in a couple of different ways:

  1. Create/Update translations using an i18n translation tool.
    (For Example: BabelEdit, i18N-Manager)
  2. Create/Update translations using VSCode and i18n Ally.

If you have a finished translation file, you can make a PR (pull request) on github or create an issue on github and attach the translation.


Test your translations live

You can follow this guide to start Mainsail in a “Debug Mode” and check your translation live. Alternatively you can also use a docker container, instructions can be found here.

Check the translation with vue-i18n-extract

Mainsail comes with vue-i18n-extract in the dev dependency, with this tool, you can check your translation for missing or unused entries.

npm install           # only once and if you updated/installed packages
npm run i18n-extract  # starting i18n-extract to check all translation files