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Create a basic folder structure to build your own theme.

Preparing your custom theme

.theme folder

You can use Mainsail’s built-in file manager (Settings > Machine) to create the .theme folder. Upload the files to this folder and edit your CSS files.

The dot in the folder name means that it is a hidden folder. You will need to activate “Show Hidden Files” in Mainsail’s file manager.


Directory structure

The below directory and file structure provides an overview of files you could include. All listed files in the .theme folder are optional and will only be loaded if they are provided.

+-- ..
|-- klipper_config
|   |-- .theme
|   |   |-- sidebar-logo.svg|jpg|png|gif
|   |   |-- sidebar-background.svg|jpg|png|gif
|   |   |-- main-background.svg|jpg|png|gif
|   |   |-- favicon-16x16.png
|   |   |-- favicon-32x32.png
|   |   |-- custom.css
|   |   |-- ...