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Community Themes

A collection of community themes for Mainsail.

Setup Instructions

Click on the URL link below to go to the theme’s repository and download it. Place the files according to the instructions in the Preparing your theme section.

KIAUH has an integrated theme installer
Go to [Advanced] > [Theme installer], enter the desired theme id and confirm with return.

List of themes
  1. Dracula
  2. Cyberpunk
  3. Mainsail x Voron Toolhead
  4. Rat Rig (unofficial)
  5. Cryd
  6. Minesail - a Minecraft theme
  7. Rat Rig Minion
  8. Eryone Theme
  9. Elegance Theme


id: 1
author: steadyjaw
url: steadyjaw/dracula-mainsail-theme

no screenshot found


id: 2
author: Dario-Ciceri
url: Dario-Ciceri/cp2077-mainsail-theme

no screenshot found

Mainsail x Voron Toolhead

Various toolhead images inside the theme folder can be renamed to ‘sidebar-background.png’

id: 3
author: eriroh
url: eriroh/Mainsail-x-Voron-Toolhead-Theme

no screenshot found

Rat Rig (unofficial)

includes various sidebar images which can be renamed to ‘sidebar-background.png’

id: 4
author: Raabi91
url: Raabi91/ratrig-mainsail-theme

no screenshot found


id: 5
author: cryd-s
url: cryd-s/Mainsail-Theme-by-Cryd

no screenshot found

Minesail - a Minecraft theme

Please check the readme regarding the logos

id: 6
author: lixxbox
url: lixxbox/mainsail-theme-minesail

no screenshot found

Rat Rig Minion

id: 7
author: eifeldj
url: eifeldj/ratrig-minion-mainsail-theme

no screenshot found

Eryone Theme

id: 8
author: dapostol73
url: dapostol73/MainsailEryoneTheme

no screenshot found

Elegance Theme

id: 9
author: Turbine1991
url: Turbine1991/mainsail-theme-elegance

no screenshot found