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Slicer Upload

You can upload your sliced G-Code from within your slicer and have it start printing.
Moonraker has compatibility with Octoprint’s API. To enable octoprint api compatibility, add the following to your moonraker.conf and restart Moonraker.


PrusaSlicer/SuperSlicer (prior to v2.3.0)

If not already been done, switch to advanced or expert mode and set the options under Printer Settings / General as shown in the screenshot below. For “API Key” you can type anything.


PrusaSlicer/SuperSlicer (since v2.3.0)

A “Physical Printer” must be defined to configure the settings from above.
More detailed instructions will follow.

Cura with OctoPrint-Connect

Install the OctoPrint-Connection plugin via Marketplace. In Settings > Printer > Manage Printers... you can find the Button Connect OctoPrint. Add your printer and type anything in the API Key field.